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University of the Philippines Visayas

Ugnayan ng Pahinungód/ Oblation Corps

The Volunteer Service Program of the University of the Philippines

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Pillars and Objectives

The Volunteer as the embodiment of public service; The University in the service of the nation; The Underserved community as the priority for capacity-building; Mutuality of Interests.


As a values education program, the Ugnayan ng Pahinungód leads in innovative and transformative engagements to make UP a more caring academic community committed to the empowerment of people and selfless service to the nation.


UP in the service of the underserved communities through volunteerism.

Pillars and Objectives

  • FIRST PILLAR: The volunteer as the embodiment of public service

    1. Create opportunities for its students and other constituents that build character and values most honored in society: human dignity, social justice, love of country, and commitment to service

    2. Develop and strengthen a systemwide program recognizing volunteer efforts and contributions

  • 3. Integrate the concept and values of volunteerism into the curriculum

    4. Produce research and creative works on the impact of the Service Learning Option andother forms of volunteerism among the students, faculty, and the communities served

    5. Contribute to the literature, research, and creative outputs by developing knowledge products based on the insights and learnings from the Pahinungód experience

    6. Develop needs-based holistic volunteer programs that encourage collaboration across disciplines

  • 7. Provide the appropriate expertise that the University can offer that complements education, research, and services, essential in sustaining and empowering the underserved communities

    8. Deliver innovative, empowering and transformative people-centered volunteer service for the underserved communities

  • 9. Provide programs, opportunities, and other platforms for mutual development of volunteers and underserved communitie

    10. Develop mutual respect of all parties, recognizing that the volunteers, the University, and the communities are all sources, conduits, and beneficiaries of knowledge and service


Gurong Pahinungod Program

The Gurong Pahinungod Program mobilizes a select group of UP graduates called Gurong Pahinungod (GP)to teach in public schools in underserved communities for one year. From 1998 to 2008, the program has deployed 405 UP graduates as volunteer teachers to 160 public schools nationwide.

Affirmative Action Program

The Affirmative Action Program (AAP) deploys UP Students, Faculty & Alumni to serve as volunteer tutors to allow students especially in far-flung areas to prepare for the UPCAT or assist in the specific areas of improvement in their education.

Teacher Development Program

The Teacher Development Program organizes a pool of UP experts to serve as volunteer teacher-trainers in public schools to respond to the need to upgrade the quality of education in the country, especially in deprived, depressed and underserved areas.

Animal Care Program

The UPV Animal Care Program aims to curb stray animal population and incidence of animal cruelty in UP Visayas campus. It also aims to transform UP Visayas into a caring and humane university.

Coastal Resource Management Program

Coastal Resource Management Program provides technical assistance and training to national and local government, NGOs, and coastal communities in managing coastal resources.

E-Turo Tutorial Program

E-Turo Tutorial Program is to help students help themselves in a virtual platform, or to assist or guide them to the point at which they become an independent learner, and thus no longer need a tutor. It can help the student develop study and learning skills in school.

Our Team

Dr. Farisal U. Bagsit


Julie Christie P.

Junior Program Associate

James G. Lunasco

Senior Office Assistant